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Project Wojtek 2024


Since we were sailing around the world with sailing4handicaps, we dreamt to visit this beautiful country. 

I have already been in New Zealand once but I haven't brought home such great memories of my travel, since I became second in Long jump during the World Championships held in Christchurch. After that, when I took a car and drove around the South Island, I directly knew that this is the place I want to raise my kids. New Zealanders are simply fantastic people.

Not only the country is here great, bu also the history. The Maori culture inspires me. Heros who go through everything to protect their families. Their connection and respect for the nature is deep radicated.

Shortly before arrival in New Zealand I read an article about para badminton. Badminton was always a hobby of mine. I will never forget when I was a small 10 years old kid and went to the University in Kaiserslautern, where I played soccer and Badminton with the older students.

For the first time in Tokyo 2020, the International Paralympic Committee added para badminton in their program.

I was really interest how my level would be, compared to others and so I contacted the New Zealand Badminton Federation. 

They invited me to a training camp and I figured out that I am not so bad. 

My nature is not to go 50%, if I start something I will finish it , 100%!!! But what about starting something like this in my age? 

That’s a crazy idea and I like crazy Ideas.

A new dream is born! 

In the last months I made great progress and I am proud of the fact that I am the first handicap athlete who got a Sports Talented Visa granted in this country, with the aim not only to be successful for New Zealand, but also to be a part of the unique community and inspire people with and without handicap to follow their dreams! 

This Journey  will be another great time in my life with new friends and a great support. 

The question is if I can get my citizenship early enough to qualify for the Paralympics in Paris 2024 and play for New Zealand, or going back to my German roots and give everything I can for Germany again. 

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