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The Team

Having been a professional Track and Field Athlete for more than 12 years, I learned how important it is to have a valuable team on my side. The player is only the top of the iceberg to sucess. What a lot of people often can't see, is the enormous support that is needed from outside to be able to perform at  the highest level. My new path in Badminton requires a big support in different directions.

I am very proud to introduce you not only to my partners, but also to my friends!

Deutsche Vermögensberatung


Anyone who has followed my career knows that my dreams are not always conventional. In order to realise my dreams, I take on the biggest challenges that others would probably shy away from. To tackle such challenges and ultimately realise my dreams, everyone needs strong partners. And that's exactly the kind of partner I have at my side with Deutsche Vermögensberatung. I am proud that DVAG is accompanying me on my way to the Olympics and thus to another dream. Since this year, I have been a proud member of the Dreamteam and thus also of the DVAG family. I am looking forward to the next milestones, which I am tackling with my partner at my side.


If you want to know more about Deutsche Vermögensberatung and the Dreamteam, follow the link:

Starting a new journey in Badminton after all these years out of the competition scene  is a tough one. The impact on the body is immense. I was luck in my past to have a great medical support team providing me the necessary treatment to maintain my performance or boost my recovery. I was afraid that in a new country my search for the right physioterapist would take a very long time.

Luckily, I got a recommendation from the high performance rowing team. They said there is only one person who can play at the level I was looking for. 

I went to Craig from Body Performance and wow, not only he is a great guy!

Craig, together with his amazing team, belongs to the top Physiotherapy clinics in New Zealand. His commitment and understanding of high Performance Athletes makes him essential for my future success as a Badminton player.

Body Performance CLINIC logo_Vert_BLK_edited_edited.jpg

When it comes to the equipment, settling for anything less than the best is simply not an option. In the heat of the game, every shuttlecock hit, every rapid movement, demands that your racket feels like an extension of your own arm. This is where Victor shines above the rest. The team at Victor doesn't just supply me with top-notch gear; they stand with me, support me, and are there every step of the way. It fills me with immense pride and gratitude to know that as I gear up for Paris 2024, I have the unparalleled trust and backing of one of the world's best badminton brands.

Please discover more about this outstanding brand at:

Manuka Royale

During my preparation for my freediving world records I struggled with one main issue, DONT EAT TOO MANY SWEETS :) At the same time my body worked 24/7 in high RPMs. Due to my diet I lost 7kg in 9 weeks. It was important that my metabolism was always at the top. One day my wife gave me some sugar substitute in form of Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is a very special honey which is harvest in New Zealand and works like a natural antibiotic but the most important topic was, it is sweet  having a lower glycemix index than sugar :) Since then Manuka Honey is my daily supplement and helps me to keep my track. Manuka Royale was awarded with the Luxury Lifestyle Award for the world Best Honey in 2021.

If you think about Manuka Honey think about

Manuka Royale!

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BasecreateNZ is a multidisciplinary Marketing Agency with extensive experience and branches in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. This homepage is only a small taste of their capabilities. 

If you haven't get it till now, no problem:
I am amputee :) 

In my earlier career as a Track and Field athlete I needed a blade to to run and jump. There are some different brands out there  but there is only one market leader and this is össur!
I was a proud össur athlete for over 8 years and I am now again proud to use their latest technology. Still on the top of the sports prosthetic market, össur has a fantastic team with endless experience when it comes into turn the right screws in the right direction. 
Thank you össur for your fantastic support!

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NissanNext_2D_Logo_Vector_black & white-01_edited.jpg

Travelling around the world taught me how important our footprint is on this unique planet. My family and I have long been aware of our CO2 footprint, but I had never considered my impact as a professional badminton player. With this said, I am honoured to have found a partner in Nissan NZ supporting my goal to become New Zealand's first "Green Athlete" representing Aotearoa in Paris 2024. Nissan NZ not only believes in my racket skills but also helps me reach my goal of becoming CO2 neutral with their innovative Nissan Ariya electric vehicle. Driving the Nissan Ariya allows me to drastically reduce my CO2 emissions every time I go to training or travel, and it inspires me to encourage other athletes to adopt sustainable practices. Nissan NZ is a true partner when it comes to sustainable travelling and lifestyle.

Badminton Oceania

I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support from Badminton Oceania. Their dedication and assistance have been crucial in my journey. Without the backing of Badminton Oceania, I would never have been selected for the Paris competition. Their belief in my potential and continuous support have made all the difference. I am looking forward to being a part of their journey in promoting para-badminton all over Oceania.

Thank you, Badminton Oceania, for being an essential part of my journey to success.

For more information about Badminton Oceania, visit

BOC logo - colour_edited.png

Peak Performance

Working with Peak Performance has been an exceptional experience. Our collaboration has led to the development of a groundbreaking program to monitor training improvements through ongoing reviews and adjustments. This innovative approach, the first of its kind for a badminton player in New Zealand, has been pivotal to my progress and success. The team's unwavering commitment and expertise have been invaluable in reaching my goals.

Thank you, Peak Performance, for playing a vital role in my athletic journey.

For more information about Peak Performance, visit Peak Performance.

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